Brand & License Protection

Brand & License Protection

Fonts sit at the heart of every brand story.

But fonts are also complex pieces of software that require hands-on asset management and licensing oversight that most organizations are not equipped to handle successfully on their own.

Monotype offers a Brand and License Protection service that adds additional layers of security and peace of mind above and beyond what's included in Monotype Fonts.

Key features.
  • Reports, data and insights that clearly show what fonts are being used — and where they are being used — to inform licensing decisions.
  • Proactive identification of unlicensed and inconsistent use of fonts throughout the organization, with simple remedies.
  • Advice and guidance on resolving licensing gaps.
  • Tools and training to help your teams better organize and manage licensed fonts.

How it works.

As part of the Brand and License Protection service, Monotype will leverage our advanced toolset and our subject-matter expertise to analyze the font use in your known digital environments, provide a quarterly report detailing your usage, and meet with you to discuss the contents of the report.

If we find any licensing gaps, we will work with you to resolve them quickly and painlessly. If we find inconsistencies in your font use across your brand, our creative type experts will advise your team as well.

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