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Frequently asked questions


What fonts are available through the Monotype Fonts plans?

All plans provide unlimited prototyping access to the entire Monotype Fonts typeface library of more than 150,000 fonts, including new and classic typefaces from Monotype, like Macklin and Futura Now; plus designs from world-renowned foundries like Latinotype, Fontsmith, Laura Worthington, and Mark Simonson.


Can I add digital ads to the Website Kit?

You will be able to add digital ads to the Digital Campaign Kit or webpage views to the Website Kit or mobile apps to the App Kit. If you are interested in a plan that includes broader rights across multiple use cases, we recommend exploring our Standard plan.


I need to deploy more than 5 fonts. Can I pay for the one or two additional fonts I need?

Commercial production fonts are sold in packs of five. When you need more commercial production fonts than you have already purchased, please purchase an additional pack of five fonts. If you need to deploy many commercial production fonts, we recommend evaluating the Monotype Fonts Create + Deploy and Standard plans, to find an option that’s right for you.


Are desktop rights included with a Monotype Fonts seat for all the fonts in the Monotype Fonts library?

You have full freedom to prototype and test with any font from the Monotype Fonts typeface library and you can even share documents internally. However once a font needs to be deployed commercially, you’ll need to secure the appropriate desktop rights.

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