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Frequently asked questions


What is the Create + Pitch plan?

The Create + Pitch plan is a font subscription designed for creative agencies and anyone working on behalf of a client. You are allowed to use any font from the Monotype Fonts Library in your mock-ups and pitch decks; however, you are not allowed to deploy it publicly for commercial purposes. Your client will need to pay for a license once they approve the work for commercial use. 


How and where can I use fonts with the Create + Pitch plan?

You can use fonts in prototypes of websites, apps, ads, eBooks, on screens, in cars—anywhere that is not commercial or publicly visible. You cannot share font files, but you can share mock-ups with clients as long as the font files cannot be extracted. When your clients decide to go live, they’ll need to purchase commercial font licenses.


Can I host and publish web fonts with the Create + Pitch plan?

Fonts under the Create + Pitch plan can be used for website mock-ups or for testing purposes, but they cannot be published publicly or commercially. However, we offer 5,000 monthly web page views to verified agencies, which they can only use for their non-commerce business website. You can verify your agency status in the platform (see below FAQ on how to verify status) or by reaching out to our support team at [email protected].


How can I share these fonts with vendors and printers?

Third parties, such as vendors and printers, will need to obtain their own licenses to access font files. However, you can share documents that do not allow font files to be extracted.


How do I verify my agency status?

To verify agency status, please navigate to the “upgrades and licensing support” chat located in your account dropdown menu to speak with our support team. Once you share your agency website to prove agency status, we’ll enable your Create + Pitch plan web page view allowance.


What is considered a commercial product?

A commercial product is any product including font data (e.g., collecting the font for output to send to a printer or vendor to create apps, websites, packaging, or posters on behalf of your customer)/a static graphic (e.g., a .png/logo/video) or a subset of the font data (e.g., PDF’s, ePubs, digital ads) which may be distributed to the general public (or to some subset of the general public) for a fee or other consideration.


Are desktop rights included in Monotype Fonts subscriptions?

Desktop rights are not included in the Create + Pitch plan. Only the Create + Deploy plan includes desktop rights (for production fonts only), with options to purchase more as add-ons. The Create + Pitch plan lets you use fonts to create any kind of printed product such as packaging, flyers, logos, posters, graphics, PDF files, video subtitles, web banners, T-shirts, mugs, signage, etc. on your computer and pitch those materials to your customers. However, your customers are not allowed to use these materials, and you are not allowed to pass on the font itself. If your customers want to work with or use materials containing a font from Monotype Fonts, they will need their own font license to cover their usage of the font.


Can I download font files?

No, neither the Create + Pitch plan nor the Create + Deploy plan allow you to download font files. However, the Monotype Desktop App allows you to sync fonts directly to your design tools, including InDesign, Photoshop, Figma, PowerPoint, and Word. Fonts synced with the Monotype Desktop App will be visible in any application that reads your local system font files.


Can I purchase add-ons for my Create + Pitch plan?

You can purchase access to your Create + Pitch plan for additional users, but commercial licenses are not offered with this plan. You can upgrade to the Create + Deploy plan, which allows for commercial usage and has add-ons available.


Are Berthold and Hoefler&Co fonts included in the Monotype Fonts Library?

No, fonts from Berthold and Hoefler&Co are not available in the Monotype Fonts Library. However, you can purchase these fonts directly from and upload them to your Monotype Fonts inventory.


What support tier do I get when I purchase the Create + Pitch plan?

The Create + Pitch plan offers basic support.


My client has approved our designs. How do I get a license for the fonts we used?

Our support team is ready to help you purchase the right license for any font. To get started, head over to the “upgrades and licensing support” chat in your account dropdown menu. For those looking to publish work, we suggest the Create + Deploy plan which includes 10 production fonts, with more available as add-ons. We recommend the Create + Pitch plan to designers, freelancers, and agencies working on behalf of clients.


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